Komm zu mir.

Might as well brief you about my weekend in Stockholm, right?
Well, first and most; It was fun. Nadine and her mother always make me feel right at home, and all honor to them for that. They are really kind and nice people, just so that ya know ^_^
Except playing with Nadine, I went bowling and pool playing with to internet friends of mine. I lost bigtime in bowling, even though I ought to win, but at least I won the pool game! Yay! Like I’ve always said; I’ve got killer skills in pool. ^^ …even though we somewhat happened to play at some kind of italian pool place, urgh. After listening to some weird ”absolute italia” I don’t think I can manage that kind of music ever again. …even though I won, haha.
Right-o. So, after the pool playing we went to a pub, where I, uh, accidentially got somewhat …drunkish. Like, very drunkish. Haha. Well, uh, let’s just say I couldn’t walk very well, neither sit very well. What Icould do was burning things using the candle at our table. That was fun-fun. (Heh, I drank two screwdrivers and that was one and a half to much for me. Like I’ve always said: I can’t handle my drinking that well.) All cred to Victor and Ville for not angrily deserting me in the middle of Stockholm while I was trying to stand straight and fool people that I wasn’t drunk at all. (I’ve got some dizzy memories of our way home from the pub; me being carried over a crosswalk for and example…)
Saturday… Hang-over. Eurgh. Dizzy and feeling ill, but I managed to get over it. Yay!
We went to Gutter saturday night, a club at the Harley Davidson boat. Swell! I was dressed in my Poppin’ Cherries (haha, that name!) corset, a vinyl skirt, net stockings with bows, a new pair of black hiheels and a somewhat low-cut shirt underneath. Nadine made the sweetest hair-do for me, and people said I looked a bit like Bree! (oh, the glamour, the glamour!) Our night out was nice, I enjoyed it all the time ^_^ (the only thing I didn’t enjoy just as much, though, was almost seeing two …um… not-so-sweet people having sex. I left that floor just in time.)

(btw, bowling in school uniform. …not the brightest of ideas. >_>)

I want to go back to Stockholm.
But hey, LARP in two weeks and right after that my friend, the nazi bunny, will come visiting. Hopefully he’ll bring his uniforms for me to see too ^_^
Mm… Uniforms. Nazi uniforms. (hey! I never said I wasn’t weird!)


Erase me.

I totally loathe this day. It’s horrible, and everything’s gone fawk.
I began working at eight. Five past eight our cash machine broke down. It’s all new, installed this thursday. So, we tried to get it to work again for two hours; then came our first costumers. When a few of them had paid, it turned out that they wanted to eat pizza after bowling. So, I had to get into the kitchen to prepare for their buffet. THEN, I happened to see that our brand new coffee machine (we got it YESTERDAY!) was broken – it was water all over the place. So, after working for two hours we’ve already noticed three things wrong.
Then it got worse. When I helped some peeps at the cashier, it turned out that it was at least 20 more people who wanted to eat. So, I panicked and called Pablo, who came right away to help me with the preparations. Then, it turned out that only 19 (and not 36, as I first thought) were going to eat, so he could go home again. When they came to eat, another four people ordered food at the same time. And I got so stressed up, I really just wanted to run home and cry under my covering.
And then I was all alone with the dishes from hell. All over the place; crowded with dirty plates and frying pans. And I really just wanted it to be an ordinary day, with answering the phone and taking care of customers.
(and sowwy-wowwy about the really stinky english of this post, but I’m just so tired and absent right now.)

This evening I think I’ll just relax and watch ”The Emperors new groove” or some episodes of Futurama.

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