Yah, it’s been a while. But hey, I’m still here, although a bit absent.
Home from Stockholm now, with a new pair of shoes in my luggage. One day I think I’ll get all my shoes in one place and take their picture just to show you all of my small loved ones. And, oh, I really really want to recommend you all to get ”party feet” from scholl. Totally wonderful! My feet love them, as do I.

On the other hand, I notice I’m being more and more interested and fascinated of Deseperate Housewives. This is what I want:, gimme gimme? I really love Bree van de Kamp. She rules.
(aww, and people told me that I looked a bit like her this saturday! jolly ^^)

I’m broke. Totally and really. So, today I plundered my treasure chest to buy me some cheese and juice. Tomorrow I will take my last few money and buy bread, so I can eat this week. Then I’ve got a pile of stuff to pay, but that’ll have to wait. I was told to expect getting some money from Leo this week allready, and otherwise I’ll ask my parents for a small loan. (just for a week or two) (sometimes I’m just too stupid and naïve… and I thought I’ll be fine living on my own.)
I need to get more discipline into my life. Like… No sitting by the computer unless I’ve cleaned the dishes and made the other rooms look nice. I’ll try that tomorrow. Otherwise I’ll soon be accompanied by random fluffy monsters, I think.

I’m getting just so tired of coca cola and candy. But that’s all I’ve got for now. Argh.
Give me a boyfriend who can help me with my organizing, please?

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