Bring me the W4T3RM3L0N!

Well, yah. I suck bigtime at this. Updating my blog every day? Naww.
But, I’m doing my best! Really! And, also, I blame it all on WoW. Nevertheless, here I am. Writing. So, be happy and just read, aight?

The past few days…
I watched The Phantom of the Opera. I love it! The actors chosen are really grate. I love Christin Daaé, I love Carlotta, I love Vicomte dé Chagny. Love love love. And the clothes, the sets, everything! Sure, I sometimes got somewhat disturbed at some things in the singing, but not enough to even feel an eensy weensy disturbed at the movie, noooo sir-ee. Love!

And, also, my human priest Maegwyn is now lvl 18, 19-to-be. WoW! I can’t say anything else than woooow. Love :D
Haha, okay, I know; I never socialize anymore, I don’t answer mail or posts at helgon, I never appear at either msn or icq… But, just play with me, right? :D

Love. <3

Du riechst so gut.

Ack! All of a sudden, I don’t reallt feel like playing. I don’t know… I feel more like… LARP:ing. We discussed LARP yesterday, booked tickets for the boat and planned our clothes, and I want more! Trying to reach Eric and Leo to make them sew with me, but they don’t answer. Whine whine.

Going to Stockholm this thursday, won’t come home until sunday evening.
Got hold of a new sofa today, btw. Pablo didn’t want it anymore, so now I’ve changed my small pattered sofa to a big red one. Haha, now there isn’t any space left at all in my room! …aww.
As long as I can keep my chairs I’m happy.

Ack! …LARP

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