She walks barefoot through the meadows, early in the morning every day.

Okay, I’m sorry. I know that I’ve been neglecting everyone, including my blog. Aight yo. I’ve been stuck In WoW. Every waken free moment, I’m playing. I am addicted, but I like it. Eh, but, I totally see the problem.
I won’t play more today, not until after work, unless it gets too late. For the moment, I’m going to take a shower, get dressed and tidy up a bit – my home looks like a mess.
Also, I need to buy food. I’ve been living on fruit, candy and coca cola for the past few days, which I know is not very good at all. So, tomorrow I will create and eat two whole meals.
I also have to fix that extra part for my sewing machine so I can get ready for Nadines graduation. Ack. No time left for playing :/ (I might even have to get social! Uh-oh! :D)

Eh. Nvrmnd.
Gotta go now, turn this little machine off.
See ya!

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