Girls, you’ve got to doo wop that thing!

Yay yay hooray!
Hehe, it’s been a whole lot of hours spended in front of my computer today. App. 6 hours, oops. Lvl:ed to lvl 12, yay! Hopefully I will get to 13 tonight :) Not thaaaaat much left. Perhaps around three hours playing ;)

The graduation makes me melancholy. Seriousely, I really really want to join, and it makes me sad knowing I actually can’t.
But I sure am proud of my brother ^_^

Loot loot!

Haha, I’m so totally hooked up on WoW! Seriousely; Played yesterday ’tween 2100-0230, slept ’til nine and played 900-1030 :D
Still lvl 9, although veeeeery soon lvl 10! Then I’ll try some harder quests… Still I feel like such a noob. Haha :D N3rd, at least :)

Oh. I was supposed to do the dishes and clean my home today, but I want to play play play! At noon I’ve got to take a shower and dress up for my brother’s graduation. …that means I can play another hour! ;D

I’m stuck in it. :D

We’ve been together.

Strange day.
Pablo’s been acting more strange than ever – he danced with me!
Old teachers up playing bowling, and also; conversating. Leif and I also had the strangest conversation; About Diablo LoD! It turned out that he is a devoted single player! And totally into it, too. So, from now on, he REALLY has idol status by me ;)

Played WoW, created new char and lvled to 9. I think I will spend my free time tomorrow to play and lvl some more :)
Oh, another strange thing; I went to the store after work, and all of a sudden a strange girls starts talking to me! It turns out she’s been to the same LARP as me, in the same group, and she recognized me! Hey! Cool! So, maybe I’ll be able to go out tomorrow evening instead of sitting home alone. (otherwise I could either play WoW or watch The Phantom of the Opera – which I bought today, along with some cool wases, new phones for my mp3 and some thingies for my bro)

Tired, and my shoulders are acheing. Also; I’ve still got a period ache. Stop it, please? If i find time for it, I will bring my recipe to town tomorrow and get some more pills. Mm, Orudis – a friend in need!

Sleep tight!

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