Innocence proves nothing.

Yay! Creating new characters at WoW, but I don’t like to lvl them ;)
Creating is fun, though ^^ Began playing an undead priest, I think I’ll continue with her another day. I had planned to play with Anders this evening, but it’s ”world down” at Argent Dawn, so we had to take a rain check. Planning to play tomorrow evening instead :)

I won 30 skull pearls at tradera. (got to quit that habit, and make it snappy!) I’m thinking of decorating cute thingies for my hair.

Btw; I didn’t ache to death at work today. It paused while I was working, then came back when I got home after work. Well, at least that’s something.
Work was …awkward. I was clumsy and silly, and my customers didn’t seem to feel comfortable with me as bartendress. Not good :/ I tried to joke and talk with them, but they seemed to try to ignore the clumsy bartendress… (for an example; I spilled a whole glass of cola over my shoes when I was supposed to hand it over to a customer) (oh, the shoes didn’t get a stain!) (phew)

Perhaps go to bed… This netting without having anything else than blogging to do isn’t THAT fun, allright. So. Tomorrow I’ve got to run a couple of errands before work (starts at noon) so I’ll have to get up at nine. Early bird. …which means I was supposed to be asleep by now ;)
Before sleeping, though; Reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. (and yah, I want to see the movie!)

Nightie night, loves.
Beware of the ghosts.

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