Supersize me.

Lazy cow. Didn’t feel like cooking, so I went to Sibylla and picked up a hamburger. Well, at least I ate, ne?
I am still at it downloading stuff :) For the moment, the very beautiful voice of Billy Corgan and his Smashing Pumpkins. Seriousely, that guy is one hella hot fella :)~ (yah, it’s true.)

ALLRIGHT. I’m kind of a nutcase for the moment. Most of all I feel like run naked in the rain, but I’ve got a slight feeling that wouldn’t be too good. Or?

Playlist of the moment:
Queen – Crazy little thing called love
Goo Goo Dolls – Slide
Poison – I hate every bone in your body but mine
Blind Guardian – Nightfall
Horrorpops – Psychobitches out of hell
Morning Musume – Peace! Peace!
Laibach – Tanz mit Laibach
Gene Pitney – She lets her hair down (early in the morning)
Unheilig – Komm zu mir


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