Dye it black.

So… At my parents house, cleaning out my room. What a mess! I can’t believe I actually lived in that. It’s a wonder the dust didn’t eat me, I tell you that!
Now it’s …clean. Clean and empty. It echoes in there now ;)

About my apartment. I totally believed that I would be afraid of sleeping all alone, and that I would walk around scared all the time. Either I’m more grown up than that, or I’ve just kept myself busy moving in. So far, so good :) And I’ve got to tell you: I looooove my bath tub! It’s bigger than normal, so I can really stay below water in it :) Now I’ve put candles on the side, so it’s like a nice spa in there now ;) Except for my bath tub, my bath room sucks. Big time. It’s ugly! I don’t like it in there at all. My kitchen, on the other side… It’s beautiful. I love it! Meow ^_^
I think I, in some strange way, believes that living in my apartment is like playing Sims ;) I feel just the same when I but stuff for my kitchen or bathroom that I do when I play Sims. I think I’m a bit weird ;)

Yesterday was my one-year-anniversary as a single. Haha, I didn’t even realize that until Nadine asked me on the phone ;) Well, one year and I’m feeling good. I don’t miss HIM, even though I sometimes miss SOMEONE. Erp, but we’re not going there now ;)

Tomorrow: I’ll compete in shooting! Yay! Then work, but hey, time moves fast sometimes.
Work today too, in two hours.



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