Do you remember baby? Last september. How you held me tight, each and every night…

Oh yay! Okay, I found a new team to play in WH40k. Witch hunters! Oh, they’re adorable! I just ordered some together with Leo, who ordered Daemon hunters. We will rock!

Slow day. I bought the martini glasses, and then the codex for Witch Hunters, and then went to work. But, eh, nothing to do in four hours. Yay…
Tomorrow I’ve got to make pizza for 22 persons at noon, and then I’ll work till eight. Eww, I really don’t want to.
I’ve moved out of my room and into the computer room. I found a spider in my bed, can’t sleep there now! o_O And, I’m gonna clean all linen and pillows and stuff before I move, so I can’t sleep there ’cause of that either.

I feel like I wanna fall in love. I mean, seriousely; I’ve even started to think that Rock Lee sure is a good guy, although ugly. Haha. Okay, he IS, but… I’m very lonely ;)


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