Dance the night away.

It’s raining! I just love it. It’s chilly, soft and wet, and I feel just like a kiddo again! Most of all I’d just want to splash around in the puddles, but a minus about being grown-up is knowing that yes, I WILL catch a cold and have to stay home from work = lesser salary. Eww. Dang!
Well, gotta stay well so I can go to Stockholm next week. Got my schedule full and I’m really looking forward to this stay! If only I could get my sailor top and sailor hat in time for my visit, otherwise I’ll have to think up a new outfit. (well, I got loads of fun clothing, but I really really want to play the sailor pinup, aight?)

Got over a hundred of new song during the night, yay! New playlist! For the moment: Dance the night away – The Mavericks. Cute as fawk! ^_^ Makes my feet dance, at least ^_^

Haha, once again; The insane man from Chile (Pablo) has yet again tried to convince me to marry him ;) (”I’ll leave my wife! No problem!”) Lol :)

Oh, new tune: Independent Love Song – Scarlet. I love my new songs :)

Well, now I gotta do something else. Got some cd’s by mail today; Coffinshakers, Nekromantix, Slaptones. ^^


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