Pissing me off.

Allright, this is getting on my nerves! Why, oh why, can’t I get my computer!? ”There is some kind of problem”. Well? Fix it! FFS! I can’t pay my bills, I can’t check my mail, I can’t talk with friends not living on my island… Argh! I feel totally isolated, sitting in my apartment staring at my TV.

Yesterday was nice. Ingrid stayed over from the day before yesterday, and we went shopping for a while. I bought a darling green dress, which really set my hair colour :) (oh, oh, and in thursday, I bought the most darling shoes ever! Totally pinup! luuuuv!) When Ingrid had gone back to Eksta, I had a picknick with Eric and Leo in Almedalen. And after that, eating ice cream in the harbour, where we met Heidi! ^_^

At work now. Eaaaarly. Hey, I had to get up at seven, and started working at seven fifteen! (oh, it totally rocks living next door to work… *yawn*)

Gotta go.

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