Rubber nuns and leather monks.

Just got home from work. 12 hours! I’m dying… Aww. My knees are gonna kill me :(
This day has been …strange. First, pizza buffet for 22 kiddos. Then, nooooothing to do until seven, when we suddenly stood knee-deep in food orders. Dang! All at once! …a busload of cute guys, though. Not all of them were cute, but at least three. Whee ^_^ That’s the good thing of today ;)

Now I’m tired… But, gonna stay up a while more :) Can’t be online for a week now, or something, so I gotta take my chance ;)


By the way.

Oh oh, oh! I forgot to tell: The old man from the other day (the one who kept nagging about the amount of beds in his room, yatta-yatta-yatta) called again today! Haha, I almost fell when I recognized his voice!
”Are you the girl I spoke to yesterday?”
”Okay. I just wondered about that thing you said, about me sharing the room with others…”

He kept asking strange questions until he seemed satisfied with my answers. I wonder if he’ll call again tomorrow to ask some more?
I could’ve killed him. Argh! Seriousely; Why oh why did he happen to ME? I were almost afraid of answering the phone after that…

Baka baka baka baka baka.

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