Wild boars chasing me.

Dreamt strange things. About… I don’t know who. I’ve tried to figure it out, but I really can’t. It was none of the classic guys, ’cause they parcipitated but in other roles. Ehm, okay. I was being adopted by this mysterious guy, after being chased by a wild boar. It was at some kind of LARP. So, I climbed up a barn to hide from the boar, and then they took the ladder from me. I was stuck at the ”second floor” of the barn, and I cried out of the window to try to get someone to help me, help! The next thing I can remember I was being forced to lay down next to the guy, and he tried to stich something onto my hip with see-through-thread. It hurted, and felt like I was given electric shocks. Then I got hold of my cell phone, I tried to call A, but he didn’t answer. So I called my uncle. It was some strange woman answering, and I told her to get my uncle to help me. She sounded like she thought I was some kind of mistress to my uncle – she didn’t seem to know who I was. After a while my uncle arrived, and tried to help out, but it didn’t work. Back to scratch… I tried to soften the guys heart by holding him tight to me while we tried to sleep, but it didn’t seem to work. I think he was being pissed with me because I had said ”no” to him a while earlier. Ouch.
Then the dream faded, and now I’m stuck trying to remember who it was. Grr, it pisses me off, now knowing whom I dream of. >_<

Should try to call Leo now, I think. We were thinking of playing a bit this evening. ^_^


He thrusts his fists against the posts, and still insists he sees the ghosts.

I live through reading ”It”. Love in its form of a book. Some would call it a horror story, but in my eyes it’s the most beautiful love story ever written. It makes me see the world through different eyes. Somehow, it makes the world a less horrifying place to live, even though it tells the horror of clowns. Eww, clowns. There is something about them that makes me suspicious and terrified. The lies the live. I’ve never trusted clowns. I don’t like it when you can’t read the emotions of people. All that make-up… They MUST hide something!
…but, I am most fascinated by the whole carnivale/circus-theme. I once saw a very short film, just showing off the classic freakshow people, and it made me stop everything I did just then and just …watch in silence. The photo and the actors were very beautiful, and I felt swept away. When I was a child I sometimes dreamt about running away with a circus. Never, not ever, because I didn’t like it at home. Just because it seemed like the greates adventure. …and the fame, the fame! In my eyes as a child, being a circus artist was the greatest job. Entertainers have a special place in my heart. (oooh, Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Clark Gable… People really -worthy- of the name ”star”)

Perhaps I should go to bed now. I seem to be all alone at the web for the moment, and I really want to read some more of ”It” before sleeping. I’m free tomorrow, so we thought about going to the movies and see Kingdom of Heaven. Could be fun…

(may be innocent, may be sweet, ain’t half as nice as rotting meat.)

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